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100 Days till Christmas, do you have yours?SolDi 10inch Two Wheels Self Balancing Scooter BundleThe latest dazzle wave motor technologySuper silent, almost couldn't hear the sound when workingLong life battery or 25km (15.5 miles ) on one charge, safe and inexpensive, high efficient output, good performance in high temperature, fast charging characteristics Unique wheel design and natural rubber tires, maximum increase grip enhanced security systems, whether the grass or sand and gravel road surface, snow or water on the ground, weave.Two wheel balance scooter providing greater balance performance. Certification: CE, CEPower: 501-xxxxwVoltage: >60v, 48VCharging Time: 1 hourMax Speed 15km/h(contain)-20km/h(no contain)Bundle Includes Bag and RemoteClick: Reference Code: SuperDope to save $250.00 off retail price.